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So far the winter has been quite good for grouse with no extremes, some cold and snow but not too much.  The warm spell in February brought on the emergence of buds from Cotton grass.  These are valuable food, rich in protein and energy, which are useful to build up reserves for breeding which starts […]


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Grouse shooting has been severely restricted due to low numbers of young but some late broods have improved the outlook for winter stocks as breeding pairs start to move onto their territories in October.   The problem seems related to poor nutrition (due to drought affecting the food chain) and the few shot birds were in […]

JULY news from the moors

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Now in mid July we all want to know about prospects for the new grouse season just over a month away. As usual there is a degree of uncertainty but in the Highland region it looks like an average to good season ahead.  The late cold Spring left some hens under-nourished so egg and chick […]

APRIL UPDATE from our grouse moors

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Winter is still here ! The first week of April promises yet another spell of snow cover but we did have some breaks in March which allowed useful heather burning on the best days.   Thanks to heather cutting as our main management technique we should get  near the  target this Spring. The grouse look very […]

FEBRUARY UPDATE on our grouse moors.

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A NEW MOOR FOR 2018 now joins 7 others managed by British Moorlands in North East Scotland.  This one is in a good grouse area of Aberdeenshire.  Although not managed for many years it has some breeding stock and good potential for shooting following a planned programme of heather cutting, gritting and predator control.  This […]

Bargain Grouse Shooting in Shooting Times of 21st November 2012

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Shooting Times – January 2011

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New website launched

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website for the 2010 season. Fulfilled by Moray web design agency Canary Dwarf, it replaces our old site and offers us new facilities for marketing our services and adding up-to-date content.

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