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Sales – grouse grit & moor equipment

This page offers some useful items used by British Moorlands Ltd on our own moors but not normally available through the usual suppliers.

HIGH PERFORMANCE   GROUSE GRIT  –  medicated or plain granite quartz  . This contains a range of trace minerals which can often be deficient in vegetation on moorland soils, specially if acidic.  If farm livestock, on or near your moor,  are benefiting from mineral supplements you too can try this for better egg production and stronger chicks.  Selenium can increase resistance to diseases which are not covered by regular medicated grit.         Please enquire about specification and cost.

GRIT  CONTAINERS +  WATER  PAN     Grit placed on bare ground or divot is favorite for grouse.  Where medicated and plain grit are used, the grit is kept in place by plastic rings pinned or weighted to ground. The stone-weighted rainwater pan fits inside the rings to block access to one of the grits.  Having grit and water together reduces grouse travel, energy use and predation. Made from re-cycled  plastic tubs, the pan has a cover to deflect rain into it and to reduce evaporation.  User supplies stones !       £6.80 each

GRIT  MARKERS         Flexible  posts c. 5 ft long, swing back upright when knocked by animals.    Please enquire for costs.

FIRE CONTROL  WATER FOGGING  SYSTEM     a budget cost system to be used with other fire equipment or as a spare unit ;  at £880 it’s about a quarter of the cost of standard fogging sets. Light portable 4 stroke pump fits any vehicle.  Set it to a 40 gallon drum or similar container in rear section of Argo or other ATV.    Very low water consumption of about 8 litres per minute.

BLOWER  UNIT  Backpack mounted 2stroke machine allows you to control wind speed and direction at the fire.  Steady draught helps to start fires running on calm days.     At full power it can blow debris and litter onto or away from the fire.  Its small water tank can be switched on to give a fog or mist for fire control.      £700.00


AUTOMATIC  REMOTE  TRAP  CHECKING    Please see the predator control information in special sections of this website.



ORDERS  &  FURTHER  INFORMATION      Please email  or phone  07836  264440

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