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Shooting in Moray (Speyside), Northern Scotland

GROUSE  SHOOTING  2024 season

For walked-up grouse shooting over dogs please contact us for availability and costs for the dates when you would be in our Speyside area which is half way between Aberdeen and Inverness.  Grouse now cost about £240 per brace (2 birds) but the number shot will be low.   Ideal sport for those who like to shoot over their own dogs.   If you require a professional team of pointing dogs the handlers charge about £300 per day, shared among the Guns.

This video is a promo for Isuzu vehicles and bespoke guns but it shows us in action on a day of grouse shooting  –  including some Scotch mist  !

Email         Phone/text 07836 264440


Mixed bird shooting – – pheasant, grouse, woodcock, snipe, pigeons

Brown hare shooting

Salmon and trout fishing

Roe deer stalking

Falconry introduction days   –  hunting grouse with Peregrine falcons and pointing dogs

Grouse introduction days  — sustainable management of grouse, other moorland wildlife and the        environment explained.    Lunch in beautiful highland scenery.

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There is a good range of accommodation and eating places in our area. Please see more information by searching on Google under “Aberlour area accommodation”.

Further Information

More information available from Dick Bartlett:

Mobile phone: 07836 264440
From outside UK call: +44 7836 264440


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British Moorlands