British Moorlands

Our programme

Shooting in Moray (Speyside), Northern Scotland

August 12th – 31st

GROUSE – Walked up shooting £145 per day per gun for up to 3 birds per gun. Add £95 per day per additional brace ( 2 birds ). If shooting over pointers, add £180 per day shared between the guns (not each) for the dog handler and dog(s).
PIGEONS – Shooting over decoys, £100 per gun, no bag limits.
RABBITS – Walked up or bolted by Ferrets £60 per gun per half day, no bag limits.


GROUSE – As above AND mountain hares (no bag limit on hares but 2 or 3 normally).
RABBITS – As above.
DUCKS – Flighting over ponds – £50 per evening per gun (no bag limit).


All as above AND walked up days for Pheasants, Snipe, Partridge and occasional Grouse, £130 per day per gun.

Mini-driven GROUSE days offer a taster of this exciting sport for £130 per gun.


Walked up and mini-driven shooting for Pheasants, Snipe, Woodcock, Partridge and Grouse at £130 per gun.

(Grouse season finishes December 10th)

Pigeon roost shooting is sometimes a possibility, price included as part of a day’s mixed shooting.
This is not a noted Goose shooting area but some opportunities may arise.
Snipe and Woodcock numbers can rise or fall according to the weather.

Prices all include VAT.

There is a good range of accommodation and eating places in our area. Please see more information by searching on Google under “Aberlour area accommodation”.

Further Information

More information available from Dick Bartlett:

Mobile phone: 07836 264440
From outside UK call: +44 7836 264440


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British Moorlands