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Predation Control Equipment

Each estate will have special needs or features so a mix of technologies is often called for. All the equipment listed below is suitable for trap monitoring.

Long distance data transmission is sometimes required e.g. for a part time keeper who lives several miles from his ground.

Trap checking by an operator is very expensive and can deter land managers from predator control . If gamekeeper time (including cost of house, vehicle, ATV etc) is around £15 per hour and 15 traps are visited per hour the daily cost is £1 per trap and so the outlay for automatic trap checking equipment can be recouped in less than a year. .      Plus a much reduced carbon footprint !


Camerachecker – Colour Photos and Infra Red images by night

This has a very small digital camera activated by a sensor or by a text message instruction from the operator.    For visual inspection of traps and snares the camera is programmed to take pictures at regular pre-set times.

Pictures are sent immediately by email to a smartphone or to a laptop or tablet.  It comes with its own special LTE sim card so that it can be used even in areas with very weak mobile phone signal.

There are no clicks or whirs to give away its location.

There is no annual or monthly subscription provided the number of pictures does not exceed 3 per day.

Useful Applications:

  • Detecting unwelcome visitors and photographing them for identification and prosecution evidence, if necessary.
  • Predator surveillance. Distinguish between badgers, foxes & hares.
  • Where visual inspection is needed is required for any traps, except corvid traps if they have live bird decoys.

Range anywhere with any mobile phone coverage.

Security applications and trapping in sensitive areas of public access.  Where a rapid response is required an Immediate Alert option can be selected to direct you to where a trap sensor has been activated.

Further Information

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