British Moorlands


Shooting for Grouse and other Game with British Moorlands

Within the Moray district of N.E.Scotland, we can offer shooting over a variety of grouse moors to suit all pockets and fitness levels. You will enjoy spectacular scenery with views of the Cairngorms, Ladder Hills, Sutherland’s mountains or the Moray Firth.

The best of the grouse season is in August and the first half of September, but in good weather the Autumn can produce excellent sport. Shooting over pointers is fascinating and highly recommended and our dog teams are very experienced.

Mini Driven Grouse shooting

is available on two small moors from September through November for teams of up to 10 guns.  Smaller groups and single guns can join a day to fill the 10 places.   Expected bag about 10 brace per day but plenty of fast shooting !

As Autumn comes on so do opportunities for mixed bags. . A classic day from October  illustrates:

After starting with an ambush for some wild pheasants off a stubble field, we walk up towards the moor. There we find grouse but they are wild and hard to hit in the strong wind. Coming off the moor we cross a wet rushy field and get some exciting snipe shooting.

After lunch we get some pheasants out of gorse bushes and see a small covey of Redleg partridges. The woodcock are not yet in but some shots are taken at pigeons coming to a wood. We could have finished with an evening flight for Mallard but the weather is still too mild to bring them to the ponds.

We specialise in wild species and our core of wild pheasants soon educate the released birds into worthy quarry.

On another site, near the coast, we see Pinkfoot and Greylag geese from time to time. Flooded fields and fed ponds produce Wigeon, Teal and Mallard with occasional Snipe. 100 acres of thickets hold wild pheasants and woodcock.

Please see this website’s “Our programme” page for costs, which include VAT.


Travel Information

There is a wide range of accommodation in our area to suit all tastes and plenty of restaurants, pubs etc for meals. Please ask when enquiring about the shooting.

Cheap flights are available to Inverness or Aberdeen from many airports in U.K and other European countries.


British Moorlands